Bad Back? Can’t Sleep?

Affordable Relief is Here!

Available with Flex-Head® Mattress

The Instant Comfort® Flex-Head mattress comes with split foam dual-adjustability. Each sleeper can adjust their individual comfort settings on each side of the be while maintaining the all-important cuddle zone™.
Instant Comfort Bed available at Hazouri Beds
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… with Leggett & Platt® adjustable base in REAL TIME, in the PRIVACY of my  showroom, right here in Jacksonville!

There, YOU will receive the individual attention YOU deserve, and TOGETHER we will discover which model, what FOAM combination, air setting, and bed position, best suits YOUR needs.

Folks, this isn’t just a bed, it a soothing sanctuary after a hard days work.

It’s the ULTIMATE SLEEP SYSTEM, a GREAT way to do business and what’s more, it’s FUN!!! For over 26 years it’s the way I’ve done it, small store, BIG savings.

Call me today, to make an appointment, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

InnovaTion you can Feel.
Quality You can see.

There is NO WAY I can adequately express with images or text the COMFORT level of this bed, much less the QUALITY!

And I would know, I’ve been providing ADJUSTABLE AIR SLEEP SYSTEMS for over 26 years.

First there was Comfortaire®, and now,  for the last YEAR AND A HALF, Instant Comfort®.

On average my customers …

NOn average my customers experience an 85-90 percent reduction in back pain.  And that’s at my showroom!

NTheir duration of sleep DOUBLES or TRIPLES in LESS than 2 weeks!

NMost save well over 2 to 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS compared to SLEEP NUMBER® adjustable beds!

NThey LOVE the experience of doing business with ME!

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From Our Clients

I have suffered with neck and upper pain since 1995. After trying every form of relief, I was still unable to get a good night's sleep. After a week sleeping on the new bed I am now awaking refreshed, and more importantly, without pain!

Tom Culverwell

We tried for years to find a bed that would allow for the comfort of both myself with an arthritic back and my husband who has a spinal cord injury. We have that now and look forward to many years of good rest.

Kimberley Pullings,

Not only did I get an awesome bed, it was 1/2 the cost of Sleep Number®, better made, AND it comes with awesome customer service! I absolutely recommend that if you are in the market for an adjustable bed, you call Bob.

Paula Na

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