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If you’ve shopped the Sleep Number® adjustable bed, but struggled with the price, have I got GOOD NEWS for you!

Hey, I’m Bob Hazouri, and for over 26 years, I’ve helped the people of Jacksonville achieve a level of comfort at a cost they never dreamed possible, without cutting corners on quality!

So, for all the details, including pricing, or to make an appointment, call me personally!

Decrease Your Pain…
Increase Your Comfort…
Transform YOur Life…

And Finally Start Sleeping!

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Quality You Can See

N25 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY with 3-Year Full Coverage vs Sleep Number® 25 Ltd. Warranty with 2-Year Full Coverage

NPATENTED Reversible 2-sided Bamboo Cover

NCUSTOMIZED Comfort Layer Design.
YOU Choose the FOAM and CONTENT that best suits your INDIVIDUAL needs!

Hazouri Adjustable Beds | Quality You Can See
Adjustable Legs on Beds
Dual Wave Massage Adjustable Beds
Adjustable Beds Remote with Custom Position Buttons
From Our Clients
“Great bed! We had a Sleep Number bed for many years but needed to go to an adjustable for medical reasons. Looked at the Sleep Number adjustable bed and the ones at Hazouri. Went with Hazouri for ALMOST HALF THE PRICE of Sleep Number. Great experience!” Sherry Dotson

“My wife and I went to Sleep Number and looked at their adjustable beds, but the prices were out of sight! My pain management doctor recommended Bobby Hazouri. We made an appointment, loved the professionalism and personal service. Not only did we get an adjustable bed with air and memory foam mattress for almost FOUR THOUSAND dollars LESS than Sleep Number, but I’ve been sleeping WITHOUT pain ever since! Call Bobby, you won’t be disappointed!” Tom Culverwell

“We were in the market for a new bed. We needed special accomodations bcecause of my husband’s acid reflux. We went to Sleep Number and Tempurpedic and tried their products. They just want too much $ for what we can get from Hazouri Beds for a fraction of the cost. So we purchased our 2nd Hazouri bed. The first one lasted 15+ years and was the most comfortable bed we’ve ever slept in. So far the SECOND one is most definitely exceeding expectations as well.” Dawn Sparkman

“Would give 500 stars if available! Great customer service, actually listens to what your needs are and works diligently to get it right. Thank you Bobby for all your help, you ROCK!” Stacy Warming

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